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Human Trafficking: Problems of Counteraction in Kazakhstan

Amangeldy Khamzin, Zhanna Khamzina, Omon Mukhamedzhanov, Binur Taitorina, Yermek Buribayev

Dive deep into the critical examination of human trafficking issues in Kazakhstan. This scholarly work assesses the protection and rights of trafficking victims within the country's legal framework. The study employs a multifaceted approach, considering socio-economic, demographic, and legal aspects. Uncover practical proposals derived from the research to address gaps in the legal framework and enforcement. While acknowledging Kazakhstan's efforts, the paper suggests avenues for improvement, including specialized legislation and enhanced legal accountability. 

Access the full article for an in-depth exploration of human trafficking challenges and strategies for counteraction.

The Concept of ‘Militant Democracy’ in the Context of Russia’s Armed Aggression Against Ukraine

Oleksandr Bakumov

Delve into the intricacies of 'Militant Democracy' within the context of Ukraine's response to external threats. This work utilizes comprehensive research methods to offer proposals for constitutional and legislative improvements. Discover how global practices inform Ukraine's journey towards a more resilient democracy. 

Read now to explore the complexities and solutions in this critical context.

Can War in Ukraine Be A Step Back on Climate Change Fight?

Din Shahiqi

This study explores the profound impact of the Ukraine war on global climate change efforts. Shahiqi's analysis covers diverse aspects, ranging from GHG emissions and environmental damage to socio-economic consequences, market disruptions, and inflation. The research employs rigorous methodologies, including data collection, analysis, and surveys. Discover the conclusions drawn from this study, emphasizing that the Ukraine war represents a setback in the global fight against climate change. Gain insights into the intricate connections between armed conflict and environmental challenges. 

Access the full article for a comprehensive understanding of this critical issue.

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