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We are thrilled to unveil the latest edition of 'Access to Justice in Eastern Europe.' 


This issue is a testament to the dedication of our contributors and the commitment to advancing legal discourse in various aspects of civil procedure,
criminal procedure, and judiciary matters. 

Inside, you will find a comprehensive exploration of the evolving landscape, featuring insightful articles and analyses that shed light on crucial issues within the legal systems of Eastern Europe. 

We extend our gratitude to the scholars and practitioners whose contributions have enriched this issue. 

Dive into the pages of this journal to gain a deeper understanding of the contemporary challenges and advancements in the pursuit of justice within our region


Issue 1/2024



Personal Status of War-Related Migrants. What is Relevant to Determine the Applicable Law?

Author: Iryna Dikovska

Explore the complex legal landscape surrounding the personal status of war-related migrants from Ukraine. The article employs comparative, historical, and analytical methods to analyze the factors influencing the determination of the applicable law. Discover that migration status itself does not affect this determination; instead, factors such as employment opportunities, language knowledge, and family ties play crucial roles. The study recommends a broad understanding of 'personal status' and considers the Convention Relating to the Status of Refugees as a relevant legal framework.



The Implementation of Consensual Tenet in Modern Civil Procedure: Comparative Analysis of Court-Connected Settlement Procedures Applied in Austria, Lithuania, and Ukraine

Tetiana Tsuvina, Sascha Ferz, Agnė Tvaronavičienė and Paula Riener

Embark on an exploration into the evolving landscape of civil procedure with our latest article, "The Implementation of Consensual Tenet in Modern Civil Procedure." Authored by Tetiana Tsuvina and team, this piece conducts a comparative analysis of court-connected settlement procedures in Austria, Lithuania, and Ukraine. The research delves into the practical implementation of mutual cooperation and consensuality principles, revealing variations in theoretical understanding and application across jurisdictions. This valuable resource offers insights for dispute resolution practitioners and researchers navigating the complexities of consensual civil procedures. Stay informed with our comprehensive exploration of amicable dispute resolution methods.



Digitisation of Administration and Legal Basis in Kosovo

Authors: Kastriot Dërmaku, Ardian Emini

Explore the transformation of public administration in Kosovo through digitization, focusing on legal aspects and challenges. Learn about the impact of information technologies on administrative activities and the potential risks for citizens' rights and public interest. The article provides insights into the legal mechanisms supporting digital administration in developing countries, emphasizing the need for robust frameworks in areas like e-administration, intellectual property, data protection, and cybersecurity.



The Legal Implications of the Aviation Industry’s Entrance to the Metaverse

Authors: Meera Abdulla Alshamsi, Attila Sipos

Delve into the legal implications of the aviation industry entering the Metaverse. Understand how technological advancements, particularly driven by AI, impact consumer services, with a focus on virtual travel experiences. The article discusses potential legal challenges, such as data security breaches and unfair competition, and emphasizes the importance of adhering to existing legislations and policies governing AI use for commercial purposes, data privacy, and international provisions like GDPR.





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