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Our New Online First Articles Launched!

We are excited to announce the launch of our new online first articles. 



Discover the Importance of Administrative Contracts in Public Administration


This research paper by Ahmet Imami and Mirlinda Batalli delves into the critical role administrative contracts play in public administration. The authors provide a thorough analysis of these contracts, highlighting their unique characteristics and legal implications. By exploring various methods, including analytical, normative, historical, and comparative approaches, the paper sheds light on how administrative contracts function, particularly in Kosovo, and compares their application with other democratic states. Key takeaway: administrative contracts are essential for serving the public interest, though they differ significantly from traditional contracts due to the inherent power imbalance between the contracting parties. 


#PublicAdministration #AdministrativeContracts #LegalStudies #ResearchInsights  



The Role of the Albanian Parliament in EU Integration


This insightful research by Pranvera Beqiraj, Dorina Gjipali, and Kristinka Jançe explores the crucial role of the Albanian Parliament in the country's EU integration process from 2018 to 2023. It highlights how national laws are approximated to align with the EU acquis, a necessary step for Albania's EU membership negotiations that began on July 19, 2022. The study uses comprehensive desk research to analyze the legislative activities, emphasizing the importance of adopting laws that facilitate this alignment. The findings reveal significant legislative efforts and provide recommendations to enhance the approximation process, underscoring the Parliament's pivotal role in advancing Albania's EU integration and strengthening democracy and the rule of law. 


#EUIntegration #AlbanianParliament #Legislation #EuropeanUnion #ResearchInsights 


Exploring the Impact of Matrimonial Property Regimes on Commercial Companies in Albania


In this research, Eniana Qarri and Xhensila Kadi investigate how matrimonial property regimes affect commercial companies when a shareholder is married. The study examines whether shares acquired by one spouse during marriage fall under the legal community and how this intersects with commercial legislation. Using a multi-faceted approach that includes legal analysis, case law review, and comparative studies with French and Italian laws, the research highlights the complexities and gaps in Albanian legislation, particularly the Family Code. The findings emphasize the need for a nuanced interpretation of both matrimonial and commercial laws to protect the interests of spouses and commercial entities alike. 

#LegalResearch #MatrimonialProperty #CommercialLaw #AlbanianLegislation #ResearchInsights 


Comparing Personal Data Protection: Vietnam vs. Europe

In an unusual yet fascinating addition to our journal, Hoa Thanh Ha and Tuan Van Vu provide a comparative analysis of personal data protection laws in Vietnam and Europe. This review article examines the new Vietnamese Decree on personal data protection alongside the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). The study highlights similarities, such as consent requirements and data subject rights, while also noting significant differences, including the absence of "legitimate interests" in Vietnam's legal basis for processing. This insightful comparison underscores potential conflicts and emphasizes the need for robust enforcement mechanisms in Vietnam to ensure compliance and protect personal data effectively. 

#DataProtection #GDPR #VietnamLaw #LegalComparison #PrivacyLaws 




Our Last Issue 2/2024


Bledar Abdurrahmani and Tidita Abdurrahmani "Truth Revelation Instruments in Post-Communist Albania: Transitional Justice Non-Feasance in Investigating Communist Crimes and the Fate of Missing Persons" 


Ardrit Gashi "Justice in Property Matters in Kosovo: A Lesson from a Postwar Country"



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