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Our Last Issue 2/2024


Bledar Abdurrahmani and Tidita Abdurrahmani "Truth Revelation Instruments in Post-Communist Albania: Transitional Justice Non-Feasance in Investigating Communist Crimes and the Fate of Missing Persons" 


Ardrit Gashi "Justice in Property Matters in Kosovo: A Lesson from a Postwar Country"


Khotynska-Nor O, Podkopaiev S, Ponomarova H and Lukianov D, ‘The Model of Prosecutorial Self-Governance in Ukraine and the Baltic Countries: A Comparative Aspect’


Terletskyi D and Nehara R, ‘The Case of Skrypka as an Epitome of the Effectiveness of Constitutional Complaint in Ukraine’



Our New Online First Articles Launched!

We are excited to announce the launch of our new online first articles. 



Sopi DA, ‘Renunciation of Inheritance by Kosovar Women: Desire or Injustice? A Case Law Perspective’ 

Every citizen is entitled to this privilege without exception. Even though this right

is protected by the Constitution, barely 23% of women in Kosovo are officially registered as heirs. When women exercise their right to refuse inheritance, they mostly give up that privilege in favour of male heirs. Unquestionably, customary law impacts this choice. Influenced by religious and customary rights that stipulate that men are entitled to inherit, women prefer to give up their claim to inherit, which accounts for the low percentage of female heirs.

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Al Jahoori S, ‘Assessing the Legal Ramifications of the COVID-19 Pandemic on

Administrative Contracts in the United Arab Emirates: Comparative Review’

This study aims to establish whether COVID-19 qualified as a force majeure event or exceptional circumstance according to the laws of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and assess if a particular principle can circumvent contractual duties.

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