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We are pleased to announce the online publication of the case study titled ‘Human Trafficking in Western Balkan: Case Study of Kosovo.’ The study, authored by Fidair Berisha, Astrit Dema, Mensut Ademi, and Islam Qerimi, delves into the complexities of human trafficking, a crime that stands as a significant violation of human rights in contemporary society. The authors highlight the challenges encountered in sourcing adequate and concrete data for preventing and combating human trafficking, emphasizing the various purposes for which individuals are trafficked, such as forced labor, illegal employment, the entertainment industry, forced and fake marriage, and forced prostitution. The study particularly focuses on the Western Balkans, where socio-economic problems and restrictions on freedom of movement contribute to the prevalence of this crime. The case study sheds light on the profitability of human trafficking as an organized crime, underscoring its prevalence after drug and weapons trafficking. Drawing from data since 1999, the study addresses the abuse of war refugees and the trafficking of narcotic substances in Kosovo.


We believe that this case study contributes valuable insights to the discourse on human trafficking, and we invite you to explore the full publication.





The next publication we are pleased to announce is a research article titled 'Legal Adaptation for the Syrian Constitutional Committee Formed Based on UN Security Council Resolution 2254.' The research is authored by Hamoud Tannar, Ayman Mohamed Afify, and Sam Dalla.

The article delves into the intricate legal aspects surrounding the formation and work of the Syrian Constitutional Committee in the context of the international community's intervention, guided by UN Security Council Resolution 2254. Against the backdrop of the conflict in Syria, the Security Council's resolution in 2015 paved the way for the establishment of the Constitutional Committee in Geneva in 2019, with the agreement of conflicting parties, the government, the opposition, and the consent of the international community.

The results and conclusions drawn from the study affirm that the formation of the Syrian Constitutional Committee, authorized by UN Security Council Resolution 2254, does not compromise Syrian national sovereignty or conflict with the principle of constitutional nationalism. The article argues that the Committee, functioning as a technical consensus committee, is not a full constituent authority and operates within an international legal framework established by the Security Council resolution.

We invite you to explore the complete research article for a comprehensive understanding of the legal dynamics surrounding the Syrian Constitutional Committee.


Once again, taking this opportunity, we express our support for the resilient Syrian people, enduring the hardships of an illegal war and widespread human rights violations. We hope for a future marked by peace, stability, and the restoration of their fundamental rights



We are delighted to announce the publication of a case note titled 'Provision of Dental Care: Certain Aspects of Court Practice Significant for Medical Law', written by group of authors. The note addresses a noteworthy trend in Ukraine where judicial practice is increasingly influencing the regulation of medical-legal relations. The focus is on a court case involving compensation for damages arising from improper medical services at a private dental clinic in Ivano-Frankivsk City. The Supreme Court, Ukraine's highest court, made a decision following this case that is deemed a landmark in medical law, encompassing a complex branch of law that regulates public relations in the medical field.

We invite you to explore this case note for a comprehensive understanding of the pivotal role court practice plays in shaping medical-legal relations.


We are pleased to announce the publication of a research article titled ‘Understanding the Relationship Between the Rule of Law and Sustainable Development’, authored by Adnan Mahmutovic and Abdulaziz Alhamoudi.

The paper investigates the crucial relationship between the rule of law and sustainable development. Emphasizing the significance of constraining capricious authority and ensuring adherence to legal structures, the rule of law is explored as a legal principle essential for society's overall advancement and well-being. Sustainable development, on the other hand, seeks to reconcile the interests of current and future generations through the integration of economic, social, and environmental considerations.

We invite you to explore the complete research article for a comprehensive understanding of the relationship between the rule of law and sustainable development.


The next article published online recently is a research article titled 'Non-Compliance of Kazakhstan's Criminal Law with International Anti-Corruption Standards', authored by Elena Mitskaya.

The paper delves into the challenges posed by certain inconsistencies in Kazakhstan's criminal law concerning criminal liability for corruption offenses, despite repeated amendments and supplements aimed at meeting international anti-corruption legal obligations since the adoption of the new Criminal Code of Kazakhstan.

Eradicating corruption is identified as a priority task in the National Development Plan of Kazakhstan. The article argues for the need for further correction of Kazakhstani criminal law norms to align them with international anti-corruption standards, substantiating this need through a critical approach to the analysis of corruption prevention.

We invite you to explore the complete research article for a comprehensive understanding of the challenges and proposed measures regarding the non-compliance of Kazakhstan's criminal law with international anti-corruption standards.



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