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Ownership and Management

Ownership and Management

Here is all the necessary information, concerning the ownership and management of AJEE, its business address and emails (Contacts), clear and detailed instructions for authors (Submission and AJEE Author`s Guide).

The AJEE ownership is
East European Law Research Center (EELRC), public non-profit organisation, which is a voluntary association of individuals who are interested in the area of law and legal research. The EELRC was established for the purpose of the implementation and protection of human and civil rights and freedoms, the satisfaction of social, in particular, scientific, cultural, educational and other interests of their members and/or other persons.  The main goal of EELRC is to promote the development of the legal culture, the protection of rights and freedoms of humans, and the participation of legal science development.

The AJEE management:
Editor-in-Chief – Iryna Izarova,
Managing Editor - mag. Anastasiia Kovtun
Assistant Editor - mag. Julia Pavlovska

The AJEE business address:
Mazepy Ivana str., 10, Kyiv, 01010, Ukraine
Tel: +38 (044) 205 33 65. Fax: +38 (044) 205 33 65
The AJEE emai: