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Thank you for your interest in submitting an article to the AJEE!

The AJEE is going to present four issues each year according to the following schedule:
No 1 2019 - the submission deadline in December, 31 2018; publication on March, 1 2019;
No 2 2019 - the submission deadline in March, 31 2018; publication on June, 1 2019;
No 3 2019 - the submission deadline in April, 31 2018; publication on September, 1 2019;
No 4 2019 - the submission deadline in September, 31 2018; publication on December, 1 2019.
Currently  the submissions for Issue 2 are being accepted. Submissions in Issue 2 are open until the end of December 2018.

The AJEE takes pride in careful and fair reviewing of every submission that we receive. The multiple stages of review are the following: the application phase, when the author submit an article via online; choosing the reviewers and double blind review; revising and finalizing the article due to reviewers` recommendations; decision-making by the Editorial Board members and the editor in chief.  

We are open to submission of Researching Articles, especially young academics’ essays; Supreme Courts and ECHR Practice overviews; Book Reviews; ICA Practices and Novelties; as well as conference announcements.

While preparing your manuscript, please, follow the recommendations, Author`s Guide, Ethical and Legal Conditions as well as the OSCOLE style guide for legal citation (see more and ).

Please, do not hesitate to contact our team about any questions concerning submissions and publishing process; .


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