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  • 1 2021

Current Issue

Issue 1/2021 on the Occasion of the 70th Anniversary

of the European Convention on Human Rights 


Table of Contents


Editor-in-Chief’s Note

About the Special Issue on the Occasion of the 70th Anniversary

of the European Convention on Human Rights 


Special Note

Victor Muraviov and Nataliia Mushak

Legal Issues of the Implementation of the Convention for
the Protection of Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms 1950 in Ukraine 

Research Articles

Marcin Dziurda, Agnieszka Gołąb, Tadeusz Zembrzuski

European Convention for the Protection of Human Rights and
Fundamental Freedoms: Impact on Polish Law Development


Tatjana Zoroska-Kamilovska

Effective Remedy for Excessive Length of Proceedings:
A Macedonian Perspective 


Vyacheslav Komarov and Tetiana Tsuvina

The Impact of the ECHR and the Case-law of the ECtHR
on Civil Procedure in Ukraine


Oksana Kaplina and Anush Tumanyants

ECtHR Decisions That Influenced the Criminal Procedure of Ukraine 


Olena Boryslavska

Judicial Reforms in Eastern Europe: Ensuring the Right to a Fair Trial
or an Attack on the Independence of the Judiciary? 


Nazar Bobechko, Alona Voinarovych and Volodymyr Fihurskyi

Referring a Case to the Highest Division of the Supreme Court in

the Criminal Procedure Legislation of Ukraine and European Countries 


Iryna Sakharuk

The Protection of the Worker`s Right to Freedom of Association:

the ECtHR Case-Law 


Reforms Forum

Maryna Stefanchuk, Oleksandr Hladun and Ruslan Stefanchuk

The Right of Access to a Court in Ukraine in the Light

of the Requirements of the Convention on Protection Human Rights

and Fundamental Freedoms 


Case Notes

Natalia Sakara

The Applicability of the Right to a Fair Trial in Civil Proceedings:

The Experience in Ukraine 


Yana Sandul and Andriy Strelnykov

The Impact of the Human Rights Convention on the Development

of the Administrative Judiciary of Ukraine


Special Note

Yuliia Baklazhenko

Ukrainian-English Translation of Legal Terms:
Case Study
 of Insignificant Cases and Small Claims 


We are open to submission of Researching Articles, especially young academics’ essays; Case Notes; Reform Forum; Book Reviews, as well as conference announcements and conference papers.

Content of AJEE:


Research Articles,

partly consisting of young academics’ essays;


Case Notes

with overview of current judgments important for law enforcement;


Reform Forum



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