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Issue 3/2021

This issue of Access to Justice in Eastern Europe consists of the collection of research articles focused on the evolution of justice in independent Ukraine. This year, we celebrate an outstanding event – 30 years ago, Ukraine became an independent state, and now, we have a great occasion to summarise some of our challenges and achievements. 

Editor-in-Chief's Note

Iryna Izarova 

About the Issue 3/2021 and the Evolution of Justice in Ukraine
during the period of independence

Research Articles
Ivanna Matseliukh 

The Evolution of Ukrainian Justice Under the Influence of the Church:
For the 30th Anniversary of Ukraine’s Independence 


Vasyl Shybiko 

The Evolution of Criminal Procedure in Ukraine over 30 Years of Independence 


Oksana Kaluzhna 

The Struggle for Class Ranks and Prosecutor’s Dress
during Ukrainian Independence: Historical, Legal, and Cultural Perspectives 


Taras Didych 

Judicial Law-making and Its Regulation in Independent Ukraine:
Its History and Development

Reforms Forum's Notes  

Maryna Stefanchuk, Oleksandr Hladun and Ruslan Stefanchuk 

Establishing Trust in the Court in Ukraine as a Strategic Task for Judicial Reform 


Yuriy Prytyka, Vyacheslav Komarov and Serhij Kravtsov 

Reforming the Legislation on the International
Commercial Arbitration of Ukraine: Realities or Myths


Nataliia Plakhotniuk, Uliana Koruts and Elmira Doroshenko 

Constitutional Restriction on Human Rights and Freedoms
in the Development of Liberal Democracy in Europe 


Liubov Maidanyk 

Artificial Intelligence and Sui Generis Right:
A Perspective for Copyright of Ukraine? 


Kabalskyi Roman and Shevchyk Olexandr 

Does Normativity Contribute to the Effective Protection of Rights? Reflections on the Concept of Normativity
in the Modern Ukrainian Doctrine of Law


Case Notes 

Oksana Khotynska-Nor and Lidiia Moskvych 

Limits of a Judge’s Freedom of Expressing His/Her Own Opinion:
The Ukrainian Context and ECtHR Practice 


Oleksandr Drozdov, Oleh Rozhnov and Valeriy Mamnitskyi 

Mediation and Court in Ukraine:
Perspectives on Interaction and Mutual Understanding


Vasyl Stratonov, Dmitro Slinko and Sergey Slinko 

Some Types of Computer Crime and Cybercrime in Ukraine 


Tetiana Yermolaieva and Anastasia Plyokhova 

Some Aspects of the Environmental Rights Protection 


Announcement Note  

Iryna Izarova, Tetyana Komarova and Yuliia Baklazhenko 

About ELI-Unidroit Rules Adoption and Translation into Ukrainian 





We are open to submission of Researching Articles, especially young academics’ essays; Case Notes; Reform Forum; Book Reviews, as well as conference announcements and conference papers.

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Research Articles,

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