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Quality Control System


Quality Control System

AJEE Editorial Process Timeline 


Our journal follows a rigorous editorial process to ensure the quality and integrity of published articles. The entire publishing process, excluding the time needed for authors to respond to revision requests or queries, typically takes 40 working days.

Our dedication to maintaining a seamless and efficient editorial process ensures that quality research reaches our readership in a timely manner.


The publication process involves four main stages:


1 Submission:

Upon receiving a manuscript, an assigned editor conducts a pre-desk evaluation,

which includes checking the manuscript’s compliance with the journal’s scope and guidelines, ensuring proper formatting, and conducting similarity and AI detection checks.

This initial assessment typically takes 2-3 working days. Authors are required to provide detailed information, including author details, abstract, and other relevant information about the manuscript.


2 Peer Review:

The peer review process is a  crucial  part of scholarly  publishing.  We  employ  a  double-blind peer review process to  ensure  unbiased  and impartial  evaluations.  After  the initial  screening, the editor selects appropriate reviewers who have expertise in the manuscript’s subject matter.

This reviewer selection process takes 2-3 working days. Reviewers are invited to assess the manuscript and are given up to 5 working days to prepare their reviews in accordance with the journal’s guidelines. (The peer review period is counted twice in the table, as it represents the main stage of the publication process. This ensures that the assessment is thorough and upholds the journal’s standards).


3 Production:

Accepted articles move to the production team for editing, proofreading, and layout preparation. This comprehensive process takes up to 20 working days to ensure the final version adheres to high publishing standards. The approved articles are then published on our website, and we offer an option for Online First Articles to expedite their availability to readers.


4 Post Publication:

The final stage involves post-publication activities. We diligently index our articles in the most important scholarly databases to increase their visibility and impact.

Additionally, we actively promote our authors and their research on our social media platforms, encouraging readers to engage with the content, provide comments, and share feedback.

We strive to maintain efficiency throughout the editorial process; however, it’s important to note that we cannot guarantee the timing of authors' responses to revision requests or queries.

This may affect the overall duration of the publishing process.

Fast Track Publishing with AJEE


We understand the importance of timely publication, and we offer а fast track publishing option in AJEE without compromising оп high quality.


With Fast Track Publishing, you сап:


Coordinate your publishing goals with conferences, project schedules, and other purposes.

Maintain а competitive advantage bу getting your scholarly results available to the reader audience quickly. lncrease the visibility of your results for further funding opportunities and research.


For timely manner publishing, we offer Fast Track publishing with а turnaround time of 20 working days from submission to publication online first. These timelines depend оп the topic of research and require authors to provide timely revisions and updates to their work оп schedule.

То achieve this rapid turnaround, we allocate additional resources to administer the peer review and production processes. Our dedicated AJEE staff ensures а high level of professional engagement to meet your fast track publishing needs.