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Quality Control System


Quality Control System

We believe in publication ethics and support the prevention of malpractice in the publishing process. As an example of guidelines for adopting we use the Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE) rules.

Publication malpractice is strongly prohibited and we take care to avoid any fraud, which may be detected during a publication process. 

Due to serious consequences of academic publication malpractice and having regard to a good reputation of the Journal, we firstly underline the personal responsibility of authors, who should profoundly take care of the content of the work, the following rules and requirements process. Managing editors and reviewers should follow the appropriate guides, which were prepared according to the international publishing standards and COPE advice.

We support double-blind peer review system for manuscripts, which helps to ensure high quality of publications. According to mentioned above, the independent external reviewing, appropriate for the subject of the manuscript is provided by experts in this field who are not a part of the AJEE’s team. 

These are the requirements to be followed by the reviewers while reviewing and other actions within publishing process (see Submission and AJEE Reviewer`s Guide and AJEE Ethical and Legal Conditions).