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Charges Policy


Charges Policy





Our Publishing Model, Article Processing Charges and Waivers 


Authors рау а publication fee (article processing charge) for each article published in Access to Justice in Eastern Europe in Open Access. AJEE publishes in full Open Access under а СС ВУ 4.0 license, permitting copying and distributing the

material in any medium or format in an unadapted form only, for noncommercial purposes, and with proper attribution to the creator.


The payment is а flat rate of 1050 EUR per article for аІІ types and lengths of publications. This one-time fee covers peer review administration, professional production of articles in various formats, and dissemination in addition to other publishing functions.


AJEE waives 20% of its content every issue and offers waivers or discounts to authors from Ukraine and low-income states to support the transition to full open access. The fee is displayed to demonstrate the cost of publication to authors.


Author and User Support


At AJEE, we prioritize author and user support, offering comprehensive assistance throughout the publishing process to ensure their success. Through our dedicated resources, we empower authors and reviewers to conduct and promote impactful research, while also providing tools to track the impact of their work.


Authors are welcomed to join our webinars and training sessions, tailored specifically for them and reviewers, as we believe in equipping our community with essential knowledge and information. Our commitment lies in fostering a collaborative and informed environment, where authors and users can thrive and achieve their publishing goals with confidence.


Marketing and Business Development


We welcome open debate and discussion, supporting and managing an open and transparent commenting functionality on published articles for registered users. AJEE uses social media, digital media, newsletters, and webinars to promote and highlight the work of authors, reviewers, and editors. There is a proactive communications team that collaborates with authors and institutions to communicate authors’ work to both scientists and society. AJEE’s editor on social media promotes articles and initiatives through editorial campaigns and events to specifically highlight authors’ work. We use the following social media platforms: 

on Twitter:

on Linkedln: 


on Facebook:


AJEE staff support and trainings


AJEE recognizes the paramount importance of staff support and continuous training, demonstrated by its active involvement in reputable organizations like COPE, successful collaborations with the European Association of Science Editors, and participation in professional development programs such as the School for Editors, aimed at enhancing the qualifications of its dedicated team.


Additionally, AJEE staff’s membership in the Ukrainian regional chapter of EASE further exemplifies their commitment to upholding high editorial standards.


From Submission to Publication Checks


Articles submitted to the Journal first undergo an editorial process, which assesses article scope and eligibility, checks for plagiarism and AI  detection,  and verifies  data.  Before,  during,  and  after  these checks, the assigned editor also responds to editorial inquiries and provides authors with information on what is required for the full prepublication checks to begin. Since May 2023, AJEE has been cooperating with Scholastica for submission and peer review services. The peer review process is a core component of the publishing process, and the assigned editor is responsible for its oversight and management. When a review is submitted, the editorial team checks the review and its accompanying peer review status.




Before an article is published, the production team provides proofs and performs quality checks on citations, references, image resolutions, and ensures that persistent identifiers are correctly assigned and resolved.


Editing and Proofreading


Editing is an essential part of the writing process, ensuring that a piece of content is polished, coherent, and error-free. Our team of native English-spea king editors is dedicated to providing top-notch editing services to a uthors,  helping  them refine their  work  to the  highest standard.  From correcting  grammar and punctuation to improving sentence structure and clarity, our editors meticulously review each document to enhance its overall quality and readability. We take pride in assisting our authors on their journey to creating impactful and well-crafted pieces. With our expert editing, authors can be confident that their message will be conveyed!


Services after Publication


Once an article is published, AJEE creates a dedicated page for each article that displays article-level metrics for authors and readers to see and measure the impact of their work (Dimensions). AJEE ensures all articles are fully discoverable. For articles that pass peer review, AJEE sends content to all the major bibliographic indexers across our subject areas (Scopus,  Web  of Science,  Heinonline, DOAJ).  The Journal  has been accepted for indexing by these major databases. For readers, all articles can be live-tracked and easily found through customizable article alerts and feeds.


AJEE Website Development


AJEE has a scalable, custom-built publishing infrastructure supporting the open research publishing process, including registration, submission, publication, post-publication peer review, and article versioning. This technology is regularly improved and customized to meet the needs of authors and reviewers, ensuring high-quality publications.


AJEE continually innovates its web-based publishing technology to make articles  more  dynamic,  interactive, and reproducible, enhancing the overall user experience and ma king its content widely discoverable.