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Mediation Course


Mediation Course in Pavia University

Choosing an effective and proper method for right’s protection and various disputes resolution are important tasks for lawyers, and current development of ADR seems to be the best result of these findings. Mediation is one of the best examples of peaceful disputes resolution, in particular, the Italian practice in mandatory mediation introduction.

Due to this, a prominent Italian scholar prof. Elizabetta Silvestri has created a special course “Mediation for foreigners. Introduction in mediation” to share the knowledge and practice with colleagues from the leading East European law schools, in particular, from Ukraine (Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv and Yaroslaw the Wize National Law University) and from Poland (Jaigellonian University and University of Gdansk).

This course has taken place on April 08-11, 2019 in University of Pavia. The following topics were discussed: 1) The European landscape of mediation and ADR; 2) Models and Basic principles of mediation; 3) Cross cultural dispute resolution; 4) The mediation proceeding, Stages and the agreement. In particular, the main focus of studying was on unique Italian experience in mandatory mediation and on sharing of the European best practices in ADR.

On behalf of the participants of this course we would like to express our sincere gratitude for organizing and providing this course to prof. Silvestri and to both her assistants – Dr. Francesca Cuomo Ulloa and Dr. Federico Ferraris! This is a great honor for us take part in this excellent training course and to discover more about the best European practice in mediation!

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